Ready to find out some girl products for guys to guess? This quiz will give you a little insight and score your knowledge on what you know about female products and what girls wish their boyfriends knew.

So without insulting anybody’s intelligence, it would be unfair to make assumptions about people on the whole. The items in this quiz are probably more relevant for women, though.

Generally, women use more products than men, but it doesn’t mean that all men never use them. Additionally, the assertion that every woman knows about each product isn’t necessarily true.

Even though some of these items are more geared towards females, they have a lot of practical use in everyday life. On this list, you’ll find many products that girls use daily such as beauty products or kitchen gadgets.

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Girl Products For Guys To Guess Quiz

Some things might seem strange to you, but if you’re up for it, give this quiz a try. You can guess what each object in the picture is used for. If you are a woman or just super clever in general, you may identify some things that men could not.

Think you can get all of these? Get started and check out the “Girl Products For Guys To Guess” quiz.

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