Hollywood is always on the hunt for the next big thing, both in film and TV. With celebrities living their lives in the public eye, some people might think that all girls are actresses, but they can also be musicians.

Accentuating the self-expression of every woman profiled, there isn’t really any rule one can follow to stand out more among the rich and famous. Some women prefer to balance it with elegance, while others may want to go for a fun and playful style.

When it comes to celebrities, everyone has their own favorites. Some may like movie stars, while others prefer musicians. What about you?

This game involves taking a picture of any celebrity and deciding if you would hook up with them (Smash) or tell them to leave you alone (Pass).

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Smash Or Pass Celeb Quiz

You’ll see different celebrities in this quiz and what you need to do is to choose either “Smash” or “Pass.” We’ve included celebrities who cover both genders, so it’s appropriate for anyone to take. It doesn’t matter if you ignore all men or women. It will not affect the result

The results suggest the qualities you would look for in a partner. Our Smash or Pass quiz is a great way to learn more about how your dating style and preferences compare to those of your friends. Would you go for an attractive, athletic, or quirky partner? You can give it a try and find out what option suits you best, and who fits among your friends as well.

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