Still not sure if you’re non-binary? The info out there can be confusing, and there’s lots of misinformation. That is because sexuality is a complex thing, and people don’t understand it as well as they think.

Non-binary people have been around for a long time, but they’ve only recently begun to be discussed by society. If you’re not sure if you could be non-binary, this quiz is all you need!

Before you take the quiz, it’s worth knowing what non-binary means. You’ll understand your personality better and how it relates to others in that group.

This “Am I Nonbinary quiz” is a good way to understand yourself and what form of the gender you identify with. Take it and find out!

It can be difficult to identify as non-binary, especially for people just figuring their sexualities out. They can also have a hard time choosing between sex and gender. However, we hope that people will gain more visibility and acceptance over time.

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Am I Nonbinary Quiz

The ‘Am I Nonbinary?’ quiz can help you determine whether you are trans or nonbinary. We want to learn more about what you think of your body & how it relates to your gender.

Okay, are you ready to take this “Am I non-binary quiz”?

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