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If you are a drunken man, you might ask yourself how drunk am I before driving home. Surprisingly you are not the only one who used to drink alcohol.

People all over the world like to drink. Research has revealed that over 86% of people aged 18 and above have addicted to alcohol.

However, when you take alcohol, it goes into your bloodstream and changes how you behave. The danger is, the more you drink, the more your brain and other body parts get damaged. Also, drinking alcohol slows down your brain, and body functions considerably.

How Can I Tell if I Am Drunk?

Here are the common symptoms that we can see in a drunken person.

  • slow and poor judgment
  • lack of coordination
  • slowed breathing and heart rate
  • vision problems
  • drowsiness
  • loss of balance

Now you may see how badly alcohol affects your body functions. The more you drink, the effects of the alcohol are much more substantial. Taking too much alcohol cause severe issues in your body. For example, it can cause dehydration, injuries, vomiting, coma, and even death.

Despite these facts, people still tend to drink due to their uncontrollable lifestyles.

Okay. Those are the scientific facts about drinking alcohol. However, this is a fun quiz based on the behaviors of drunken people. If you are alcohol addicted person and not sure how drunk you are, this quiz might help you find out how drunk are you.

But the funny thing is that if you are a drunken man, how could you take this quiz? You even might not able to stand on your feet.

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Anyway, if you know your limits and can take this quiz, you can understand how drunk you are and stop asking other people how drunk am I.