What is the PPL list?

Abbreviation for people, used in electronic communication. Hey! What are you ‘ppl’ doing this weekend?

What does PPL stand for?

PPL means “People .”

What is a PPL in finance?

PPL — Profit Participating Loan. PPL — Pay Per Lead. PPL – Poster Property Limited

What does PPL stand for in a school?

PPL — Public Performance License.

What does PPI stand for in texting?

Abbreviation. Meaning. ***** PPI. Player Performance Index.

What does the acronym PPL stand for?

In general, PPL stands for a shorthand slang word for “people.” You can see this term being used all over the internet on social media sites and in text messages. Here, this means the category of words that are usually inappropriate in formal settings.

What does PPI stand for in texting?

The acronym PPL stands for the word “people.” You may see it used as shorthand online or in conversations.

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What does PPL mean in work?

The meaning of PPL is Paid Personal Leave. Paid personal leave is a good way for employees to spend time away from work, and it would enable them to enjoy leisure time like taking vacations, traveling, and hobbies.

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What does PPL stand for?

PPLPacific Precision Laboratories, Inc.
PPLPacket Presentation Language
PPLPacket Processing Language
PPLPaid Personal Leave
PPLPakistan Petroleum Ltd
PPLParma Polyhedra Library (C++)
PPLPartially Polarized Light
PPLParts Price List
PPLParts Provisioning List (various organizations)
PPLPassive Acoustic Propagation Loss
PPLPataskala Public Library (Pataskala, OH)
PPLPatch Panel Label
PPLPath Programmable Logic
PPLPawtucket Public Library (Pawtucket, RI)
PPLPay Per Lead
PPLPc-Board Programming Language
PPLPeace Palace Library (The Hague, Netherlands)
PPLPelham Public Library (Pelham, AL)
PPLPence per Liter (product rate)
PPLPenfield Public Library (Penfield, NY)
PPLPennsylvania Power & Light
PPLper Pixel Lighting
PPLPerformance Planning Lead
PPLPersistent Programming Language
PPLPersonal Premises Liability (insurance)
PPLPervasive Parallelism Laboratory (Stanford University)
PPLPetersburg Public Library (Petersburg, AK)
PPLPetropars Limited Co.
PPLPhase Programming Language
PPLPhonographic Performance Ltd
PPLPhysical Placement of Logic
PPLPickerington Public Library (Pickerington, OH)
PPLPizza Pizza Limited (Canada)
PPLPlanetarion Player (game)
PPLPlanning Parts List (US NASA)
PPLPlant Physiology Laboratory
PPLPlasma Physics Laboratory
PPLPlastic Plain (piping)
PPLPleasanton Public Library (Pleasonton, CA)
PPLPocket Programming Language
PPLPocket Programming Language (ArianeSoft)
PPLPoint-to-Point Link (Nortel)
PPLPokémon Puzzle League
PPLPolar Plasma Laboratory
PPLPolicy and Procedures Library (University of Queensland; Australia)
PPLPolymorphic Programming Language
PPLPortsmouth Public Library (various locations)
PPLPotential Problem Loans
PPLPrairie Public Library (various locations)
PPLPre-Paid Legal
PPLPre-Planned Launch
PPLPreferential Planning List
PPLPreferred Parts List
PPLPreferred Products List
PPLPreliminary Project Letter (Ex-Im Bank lending procedure)
PPLPreprocessing Parameter Load
PPLPrêt Paris Logement (French: Paris Housing Loan; France)
PPLPrinciples of Programming Languages (computer science)
PPLPriority Planning List
PPLPrivate Pilot License
PPLProcess Programming Language
PPLProduct Placement
PPLProfessional Paintball League
PPLProfessional Practice Leader (nursing)
PPLProfit Participating Loan
PPLProgrammable Protocol Language
PPLProgrammatic Project Leader
PPLProject Programming Library
PPLProtectors of Public Lands (Australia)
PPLPrototypical Programming Language
PPLProvidence Public Library (Providence, Rhode Island)
PPLProvincetown Public Library (Provincetown, MA)
PPLProvisioning Parts List
PPLPublic Policy and Legislation (various organizations)
PPLPublic Procurement Law (various locations)
PPLPulse Path List
PPLPure Prairie League (band)
PPLPusat Pendidikan Luar (Malay: Rural Education Center)