Nice Peter announced on March 1, 2018, that he was getting married. After Shukoff made the announcement that he was a father, Epic Rap Battles of History was put on hiatus. The hiatus lasted just under a year, and the series returned to its original schedule on December 7, 2018. A new episode was also released for the first-time in almost two years.

Why did ERB stop making videos?

Liza Koshy, a social media guru, stated earlier this year that she doesn’t care how many videos I post. She cares more about the quality of the content. “That’s why they stopped making them. I wanted to make good content.” ERB, a company that has always valued quality over quantity, took a break in 2017.

How did Epiclloyd and Nice Peter meet?

Lloyd Ahlquist and Peter Shukoff met their first time at a Chicago house party. It was hosted by a local Improv group. Some of the city’s comedians, musicians and other performers had assembled on the porch to perform freestyle rap. Ahlquist and he struck up an instant friendship.

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Who beat Eminem in a rap battle?

Juice was undefeated for the majority of his battle rap career, which is unusual for any rapper. He lost to Supernatural, who was a freestyle pioneer, in the end. Other notable artists have defeated him in battles like Rhymefest and Dose One. This is one of the most renowned rap battles ever held in hip-hop history.

What is Erb’s annual income?

ERB makes an average of $677.86 million annually. ERB’s YouTube channel receives over 11.3 million views per month. Monetized YouTube channels make money by showing video ads for every thousand views.

What was the first ERB?

ERB Channel Epic Rap Battles of History Logo and YouTube channel avatar Battle information. First published November 18, 2011. Latest publication December 18, 2019.

What is Erb?

ERB stands for Educational Records Bureau. The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) is a non-profit organization that provides educational services and assessment for K-12 schools. May 7, 2018

Is YouTube owned by Disney?

For $500 million, the Walt Disney Company acquired Maker Studios, an online video content network on YouTube. The YouTube network has over 55,000 channels, 380 millions subscribers, and pulls in more than 5.5 billion views per month.

Did Disney buy epic rap battles of history?

Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist are the creators of “Epic Rap Battles of History”. Walt Disney Co. has purchased Maker Studios, a digital media company that is behind YouTube success stories like “Epic Rap Battles of History”, and “PewDiePie.” Monday’s announcement by Disney, Burbank-based, that it would pay $500 million to Maker shareholders was a sign of its commitment.

How do I get my ERB?

Visit for Army AKO. Click on the link “ORB: Officer Records Brief”/”ERB: Enlisted Records Brief” in the Army Links column. Once you have been forwarded to the ORB/ERB page click the “view/print” button. You can save the PDF file to your desktop so that they are easily accessible.

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Is Epic Rap Battles of History copyrighted?

Except where noted, Wikia text is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-SA).

Who was the guest rapper on Moses vs Santa Claus

Peter Shukoff (aka Nice Peter), and Lloyd Ahlquist, (aka EpicLLOYD), are making friends through their YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles of History,” where Snoop Lion (aka Skoop Dogg), appeared as Moses in Season 2.

Is Erb still a thing?

The Season 6 premiere, “Freddy Krueger Vs Wolverine”, was released on April 20th 2019. ERB went on hiatus again in December after “Thanos Vs J. Robert Oppenheimer”. ERB has returned after a 10-month hiatus with their third election-related rap battle, “Donald Trump against Joe Biden”.

How old is EpicLLOYD

Lloyd Leonard Ahlquist, born January 18, 1977 (1977-01-18), [age 44]), is an American internet personality best known for creating the YouTube channel ERB with NicePeter.

How much is EpicLLOYD worth?

Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB), salary $1,000,000 It’s time to find out! Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB) is a YouTube webseries. Their current net worth stands at $5 million.

What made ERB leave Disney?

Former members. Ray William Johnson was an original member. However, he left Maker Studios in November 2012 after being pressured by the company to sign a contract giving Maker a 40% share on his channel’s AdSense revenue as well as 50% of his intellectual property rights.

Is ERB owned by Disney?

The Walt Disney Company also owns Maker Studios (now Disney Digital), the production company for Epic Rap Battles of History. So, in a literal sense Disney owns ERB.

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How much is Nice Peter Worth?

The Epic Rap Battles Patreon launched on April 10, 2019. It currently has more than 1,530 patrons. Peter also sells CDs and t-shirts on his website Nice Peter is estimated to have a net worth of $3,000,000.

What is the next ERB?

Season 7 marks the seventh season of Epic Rap Battles of History. It was confirmed at the Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker on December 5, 2020. EpicLLOYD talked about the show’s return in 2021 following an abrupt end to Season 6.

Who bought ERB?

The Delta Plus Group is a leading player in the Personal Protective Equipment market (PPE). It continues to develop its North American market strategy. The Group has announced today that it acquired 100% of ERB Industries, a company based in the United States.

Which rapper is the greatest?

Eminem is one of the 10 greatest rappers of all time. Rakim. Nas. Andre 3000. Lauryn Hill. Ghostface Killah. Kendrick Lamar. Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s commercial success speaks volumes — just ask Elvis three years ago, who Weezy beat to become the artist with more Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Which rap battle is the most exciting?

These are the 10 Greatest Rap Battles in Hip-Hop History. Eminem vs. Benzino/The Source. of 10. Eazy-E vs. Doctor of 10. Kool MoeDee vs. Busy Bee. Of 10. Boogie Down Productions vs. Juice crew. Of 10. Common vs. Westside Connection. Of 10. Kool MoeDee vs. LL Cool J. Canibus vs LL Cool J. Ice Cube vs.