How do you write 5 feet five inches?

You can write 5′ 5 ” or 5 feet . 5 inches. I like five feet five inches but I do hear five foot five inches more often that I do hear the word feet as used in everyday usage. For me, it’s unlogical to use the plural form for inches or the singular form for foot, therefore my personal opinion would be that the word feet the correct word.

How do I write 5 feet 5 inches?

Senior Member. Five feet five inches tall. which is pronounced “five foot five”.

How do you write 5 feet 6 inches?

It is also possible to write heights in the form of ” five feet , six inches ,” ” five foot six ,” and other such. A hyphen is beneficial if you’re writing the text in a short form, for example ” five – six .” You could also write it out with the quotation marks.

How do you write feet and inches?

In the symbol of inches, it is double prime or double quotes. (“), foot symbol is single quote. prime. (‘). Feet is often written as in the form ft or ‘. Inches is written with or “. For instance the equivalent of 3’6 inches is 3’6”.

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How do you write 5 ft 7 inches?

” Five feet seven inches ” is the correct wording. ” Five seven feet” is the most common use and can be comprehended by an native English native speaker who is who is familiar with Imperial measurements.

How do you write 5 feet in height?

A. Most of the time, a hyphen is not needed to write ” five feet , two inches tall ,” ” five feet , two inches,” ” five foot two,” and such. However, it can be helpful for expressions like ” five -two.” If you write 5 “2,” you’ll find no space following the sign that stands for feet (a prime symbol).

How many inches is a 5’5 person?

Human Height Conversion Table

5’5 “65in165.10cm

Is 5 feet 7 inches a good height?

The most attractive men worldwide are between 5’6 and 5’7 and any height higher than 5’7 is considered excessive and unattractive for a man.

What is 5 foot 7 in inches in meters?

152 + 17.8 = 170cm. Divide 1.7cm in 100 centimeters to calculate the amount in meters .