Did CL Franklin father a child with a 12 year old?

According to the biography of Ritz, C.L. Franklin was a father to the age of 12 years old, Mildred Jennings, only several years before Aretha arrived. Franklin herself was pregnant with her very first baby at the age of 12, becoming a mother to her second shortly before turning 15. Just six days ago

Did CL Franklin have a baby with a 12-year-old?

He was father to this child along with Mildred Jennings, a 12-year-old church member, at the age of 25. At the time Aretha was five years old, CL Franklin had permanently moved his entire family (Aretha additionally had 3 additional children) to Detroit in the city where he assumed the pastoral duties for New Bethel Baptist Church. New Bethel Baptist Church.

Who impregnated Aretha Franklin at the age of 12?

After the age of 12, Aretha was impregnated by an unidentified local boy who was reportedly called Donald Burke . The marriage was not considered, as a possibility and her baby son was given the name Clarence. About a week close to the 15th anniversary of her birth, Aretha gave birth to another son named Eddie named after the father of his son, Edward Jordan.

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Did Aretha Franklin have a baby by her dad?

Aretha was the mom to four boys. The first time she became pregnant was at 12 years old and was able to give her first son who was named Clarence after her father, in the year 1955. Based on her biographer David Ritz, the father of her youngest child Clarence is believed to have been Donald Burke, a boy who attended the school.

Did Aretha Franklin have a baby by her dad?

Clarence Franklin

Aretha was pregnant when she was 12 years old and delivered her first child. Her name was Clarence in honor of her dad, American Baptist minister CL Franklin , in the year 1955. 26

Who was the father of Aretha Franklin’s first child when she was 12 years old?

Clarence Franklin

The oldest son of Franklin, Clarence was born when she was twelve years old in the year 1955. The father of Clarence was believed to be her classmate, Donald Burke according to her biographer and the author of Respect The Story of Aretha Franklin, David Ritz. 13

Did Aretha Franklin have a baby by her dad?

Clarence Franklin

Aretha first began to become pregnant at 12 years old and delivered her first child. The baby was named Clarence following her father’s name, American Baptist minister CL Franklin , in the year 1955. 26

Did Aretha Franklin’s father have a child with a 12-year-old?

As with Aretha’s mother, Barbara Siggers Franklin, her father had children from a previous relationship, named Carl Ellan Kelley, who passed away in the year 2019. He was fathered along with Mildred Jennings , who was a 12-year-old member of his congregation at the age of 25. 27

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Is Aretha Franklin’s father the father of her first child?

Edward Jordan is the father of two sons of Franklin’s. When she was 12 years old, the legendary singer was blessed with her first son, Clarence, in 1955. … was the father of his son. A few years after the arrival of Clarence, Aretha had another son aged 14. 23

How old was Aretha Franklin when she had her first child and who is the father?

In fact, Franklin gave birth to her first son at twelve years old . The name was Clarence His father’s name is not identified.